HtbaS - Episode 217

A catch up week! I talk about my trip to Las Vegas, the finished quilts I posted in my absence, and what I’ve been working on since I got back.

9 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 217

  1. Pam, we sure missed you last week! As far as Facebook, I think if you want to be on facebook, that’s fine, but it’s not necessary. I think the blog is fine, and I’m enjoying following you on instagram (I’m chainmailler70). That’s my 2 cents. Have a good weekend, and can you please send some of that snow and rain to us in CA? -Deanna

  2. I look forward to seeing you. I think I will definitely be in town then as the Y.M.’s college visits are the weekend before. We can go to some good restaurant. When you come, please bring the rain. I’ll give you advice on hotels. You don’t want to end up in the Tenderloin.

    Don’t bother with Facebook. Your presence is fine as is. You might change your mind later if the big quilty things actually happen, but for now - don’t bother. You have enough on your plate.

    Re: cutting off hexies. I think you are right in not chopping off the hexies. They look so sad chopped off. I used long thin triangles to fill in space and create a border on my Eye Spy quilt. See it: I’ll try to get a better photo of the border if you are interested.

    I am confused about the Harry Potter quilt. I went and looked at the website and don’t see where the blocks are posted. It also looks like they do this every year and the blocks are very similar. Did you pay for special blocks or delivery? Was there a post I missed where you explain all?

  3. hi Pam, I don’t think you need a facebook page, very few quilt podcasters do have them. It is up to you, if you believe facebook can help your quilting endeavours then go for it.

  4. Hi, fairly new listener who enjoys your podcast. I would like it if you had a facebook page. I’m on facebook often because it’s easy to check from my phone. I also like how easy it is to comment & see when others comment. I like the interaction. Anyway, my vote for yes!

  5. If you had a facebook page, I’d follow you. On the other hand, I feel like you do a lot, and it really isn’t necessary. A lot of time fb and instagram have the exact same posts, and that is annoying! Keeping up the blog and being active on instagram is plenty….you need time to quilt!

    So glad that the work trip went well and you found a way to avoid jet-lag. Thanks for the podcast!

  6. Personally, I use Facebook more than Twitter and would imagine your FB content to be similar to what you broadcast on Twitter. Selfishly, I’d like to see you on FB, but realistically, you don’t need to be there (unless, for some reason, you’re trying to get in my good graces, but I can’t even think of a good reason to give you for that.)

  7. Facebook isn’t necessary for me. I only use mine to keep track of my niece and nephew. I think it would be challenging to come up with unique content for facebook while maintaining a blog, a podcast, a full time job, and….by the way continuing to quilt.

    More to the point…I’ve been keeping track of my stash this year using a spreadsheet like yours. One of my new years resolutions was to use more fabric than I buy. Year to date, I’m up over 30 yards! I think I may need a 12 step program…

  8. I haven’t even finished this episode yet, but I felt I should answer your question regarding Facebook.

    Firstly, if you set up a page for your podcast/blog, you can post as “Pam, the head rhombus” if you like, you don’t have to post as your personal self. There are also settings that you can set so that anything posted on your H2BS page doesn’t end up in your private feed.

    Secondly, Facebook has really surprised me recently. Shocked, might actually be a better word. I had some preconceived notions about who still uses Facebook and I was dead wrong. For example, I really thought most of the modern quilt guild readers were on Instagram, because so many of the modern quilters I follow are there……I recently had a quilt hang at QuiltCon. The plaque beside my quilt had just the name of my blog. The only stats that have changed as a result of that venue were my Facebook likes. My blog had about 20 new followers, my Instagram about 40, my Facebook page went from 205 to over 640 and it is still growing. The only thing that can account for that surge was the modern quilt show. I hadn’t even updated the page for a few weeks prior to going.

    The point of this ridiculously long ramble is that I think Facebook is a great way to connect with people who might not be following you elsewhere. It is easy, so why wouldn’t you try it?

    1. Wow, that comment did not turn out sounding like I intended (cough, namedropper!). Note to self: do not start a long comment during your child’s swim lesson and try to wrap it up quickly because she is about to get out of the water. I didn’t even really get my point across.

      My real point: I had some exposure recently to a bunch of people that chose to follow me on Facebook, of all the places. It surprised me. The end.

      I realize that the podcast is probably how many people initially find you and find out about your work. I fear a lot of people are turning away from reading blogs unless they are searching for a more detailed explanation of something they see or hear elsewhere. Instagram is great for sharing pics and any funny comments about cats holding hands on awkward dates (totally get that btw), but it isn’t fabulous for conversations. I now see that Facebook can be used efficiently for both giving a little more detail, and starting conversations.

      I guess it boils down to - what do YOU hope to get out of it?

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