HtbaS - Episode 219

Jett is a very helperful cat this week, so there’s some scintillating play-by-play action during the podcast.  I talk about getting back into the swing of things sewing-wise, and plans to finish a number of quilt projects.

4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 219

  1. Sorry about having to juggle kids’ activities today, but the chemistry major in me agrees with you that science is more important than baseball.

    Doesn’t your baseball organization have a provision for guest players? When my son’s high school travel soccer team experienced 3 broken legs, a broken nose and a concussion in 3 consecutive games, we were allowed to bring on a couple of guest players (a year younger than our boys), so that the rest of the team could play.

  2. Me! ME! MEEEE! I’ll take Jet!
    Yeah for baseball season Um….to much pressure. I remember those days. But….glad grandparents get to watch!
    Yay for cat pictures. I like to see your cat saturated IG feed.

  3. my kids were never very sporty and when they did play I didn’t really watch too much. I watched the soccer games but really - tenpin bowling nuh uh. When my oldest was playing that I had 3 younger boys, 2 of whom were very young and there was no way I was going to a bowling rink with them for 3 hours on a Saturday morning!! I was a pretty slack parent which might explain why they didn’t play much sport! I did go to lots of band concerts and school playnights and choir recitals though so not a complete washout :) So you are a noble parent to be doing all that sporty stuff. Hope the science/baseball juggle goes/went well

  4. I feel for you and the rushing from place to place. That is lame of the coach to pressure parents to be there for sure, though I do understand the need to field a certain number of players.

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