HtbaS - Episode 223

In my defense, I did record this on Friday but got distracted by work and kids and life in general and forgot to post it!  No promise of a podcast next week since I’m getting home on Friday morning from the work trip, so savor this one!  I talk about what I’m working on, prioritizing what I’m working on next, and some design thoughts floating around in my head for one of the Saturday Sampler quilts.

5 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 223

  1. Another rainy day in Georgia. Have a safe trip and I hope whatever you are working on behind the scenes comes to fruition. Work life balance is very important and too many people hope it will get better but are not pro active in making so.

  2. Catching up again. I was on Spring/Easter Break for what seemed like an eternity. It was enjoyable, but lots of must dos out of my control and away from my sewing machine, which is never good for my psyche.

    Great job as usual.

    Re: Scattered - as you may have noticed I spent a couple of years clearing out my UFOs. I am not completely done, but have the majority of the older ones finished. Now I also feel scattered. I am starting new projects with wild abandon and jumping from project to project. It is fun to start new things (not that I didn’t while I was finishing the UFOs, but this feels different), but I am starting to feel scattered and am trying to rein it in and finish some things. I am focusing on super bright fabric combos and that may be a factor as well.

    I am still looking forward to meeting you on Thursday!

    I didn’t do the Scrap in a Box and am kind of glad after listening to people talk about it and seeing the photos. I don’t see the kind of enthusiasm I saw with Scrapitude. I think there will be a slightly different look to yours, but it will work. I compared yours to Scooquilts so my opinion is based on flipping back and forth between your post and hers.

  3. Going rogue? Ya don’t say?! Haha. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’m so far behind in Scrapitude.. Hoping to catch up this week, though I’m not holding my breath.

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