WIP Wednesday: Electric (Quilt) Bugaloo

I’ve been working to figure out EQ7 in the past couple weeks, and tonight I finished designing two quilts in one day. This was pursuant to designing a non-standard custom block quilt that I think I’ll get to show on Friday as part of a new quilt along we’re planning for The Stitch.

My other two projects are writing up a previous quilt I’ve made as a pattern for sale, and a take on a center medallion for Solid as a Rock, the Saturday Sampler quilt at Tiny Stitches for this year.

Sadly, all the computer designing means no actual fabric being stitched, but all that changes tomorrow at my guild sew-in! Fortunately Nina has been picking up the slack in the “touching fabric” department.

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3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Electric (Quilt) Bugaloo

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