HtbaS - Episode 291

In this episode of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I talk about the results of the Black Friday Sew-In, my thoughts on entering quilt contests, doing more quilting for charity, using scraps, and my minimal start on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery En Provence!

Books reviewed:

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Today’s podcat was Jett!

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2 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 291

  1. Hi Pam, I’ve got a book recommendation for you. It’s Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, the first in a series of, currently, six. It’s a combination of fantasy, thriller and police procedural. It has lots of British cultural references and I don’t know how much of an Anglophile you are, but the London in this book is, in the opinion of a Brit who lived there for a couple of years, authentic. It’s for an adult audience, and be warned, I’ve got several people hooked on this particular series! A different London again for you.

  2. I know I am behind again, but not terribly behind.

    Waiting line purgatory: I have one word for you: Audible. Just once to help you through the desert.

    Our first couch was a futon as well. We ditched it after the mattress got so thin that my tailbone would hurt sitting on it. I seem to remember that I couldn’t sit on it for very long when I was nursing the YM either, though I don’t have a clear memory of why.

    I can’t believe you went out over Black Friday (weekend). You are heros.

    I think I have a similar personality trait to you and Jaime. I also want to finish things, though sometimes projects start out as me trying a technique or something. I also like to read the whole series, though I don’t always do that with podcasts. I am tempted. There are exceptions. I started off the Armand Gamache series with the first book, then skipped to the last available at the time and got an idea of what happened in the intervening books without having to read them all. I wanted to know the story, but didn’t like them enough to invest.

    I need to know how you work and listen to podcasts. I can’t listen to anything while I work, which means that I don’t get as much ‘reading’ done and I certainly can’t listen to as many podcasts. I do listen at almost all other times when I am alone: while doing the dishes and cooking, while doing the laundry, driving, etc.

    My MIL is almost 91, so we have the same problem about gifts. I go with soap, alcohol and often we will get together with DH’s other 5 siblings and buy her something big that she needs replaced or we think she needs replaced. She has the money to replace stuff, but she thinks what she has is fine. This year we are going with a new TV. Her TV was a gift several (maybe 20?) years ago and was state of the art at the time. Now it is small and none of us can see the scores of the baseball games, because the screen isn’t wide enough. I like these years, because usually someone else will do the organizing. 😉

    Hope you are well.

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