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HtbaS - Episode 3

I ramble on about habbing a tode, donating a quilt to an auction for charity, the results of the auction for Good Mews, a steampunk quilt I made, LQS’ in Atlanta (and a bit about Atlanta geography), and my ongoing project list.

To learn more about my family and my history in blogging, you can visit my other blog at Pantsfreesia. You can get more stalker-y level updates on twitter from me under the same name.

Auction results! My quilts helped raise money for the Good Mews Animal Foundation. Huzzah for spay and neutering your pet! Especially so you don’t turn into this lady (which is me):

Here is the full set of pictures I have for the Boom Effect auction SteampunkQuilt that I made, and here’s a snap of the whole thing:

To find FREE audio fiction, check out, or Librivox (forgot to mention this in the podcast- this site has audio versions of books in the public domain, like Anne of Green Gables, one of my favorites).

The two Georgia shop hops I mention can be found here:

And here is the photo of one half of my sewing area, where The Stash is (note Giant Polka Dot Bin of DOOM - aka, ongoing projects):


Random Thoughts and Inspiration

I did some work on sashing the blocks for the paintbox quilt that the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild is donating to the upcoming inagural show for the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum, and got to thinking about the story of the quilt. Part of that was documenting “the story” of the quilt, and who all has worked on it, so I had to look up a couple names. Well, of course once I fell down the internet rabbit hole I couldn’t get out, and low and behold, looky what I found!

I confess to having bought 2 layer cakes recently. One was a William Morris print collection, which I have a inexplicable attraction to (I also have the book William Morris in Applique, which I plan on making something from one day), and the other is a Moda Origins layer cake I got from Tiny Stitches, one of my LQS. I think I will use my Origins for this, since I was trolling the Bake Shop for a pattern but wasn’t particularly inspired by any of the layer cakes. I think I’ll pair it with a clean white accent fabric, and some of the Lime “grunge” I picked up.

The Quilt Along starts on November, and a new block will be posted every other Tuesday. Come join in!

HtbaS - Episode 2

I ramble on (surprise!) about how to display quilts, small quilted items, and OMG CATS!

Here are the two quilts that I donated for the Kitty Kegger auction for Good Mews.

“Midwinter Mews”, from the Midwinter Gardenpattern from Clothworks.

“Frisky”, which was a kit from a company I can’t remember, but touts using only 3 yards of fabric to make a quilt top.

And here is the quilted portrait I did of Theo from the shelter, using this techniquefrom Quilting Arts (login required). Rather than binding the edges, I used a 9×12 frame and removed the glass.


HtbaS - Episode 1

Inaguaral episode! I introduce myself and ramble a bit about my sewing and quilting past, my nerdiness, and also talk about my cats a little bit too much.

Here is the fall quilt I have hanging over my sofa. You can see the curtain rod painted the same color as the wall (had to adjust the contrast to actually show, but that made there rest of the colors look crappy!)

And here is a random picture of me and my sister with a wax figure of Spock. I am the blonde. And clearly overly friendly with Spock.