AMQG Modern Block of the Month

The Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild is doing a “Modern Block of the Month” program to encourage our members to get comfortable with 1) different fabric than they are used to and 2) different block styles than they are used to. I’m coordinating the program, and the four blocks are being designed by four of our officers.  At the end of the project, members can either donate their blocks if they don’t want them, or use them to make a table runner that I’ll be providing a pattern for.

The fabric we are using is the Jay McCarroll Habitat line, which was donated by the Free Spirit fabric company. We’re a bit late in getting around to our challenge for this fabric, since most of the other MQG’s did something with it last year. All the blocks are 12″ finished.

I designed the first block, which I named “Stardust”.

Our guidelines were that we could only add a solid fabric to the Habitat fabric, so I chose a brown. After I made the block, I thought it needed something extra, so I had the idea to make a wonky version, which is WAYWAYWAY outside my comfort zone.
And you know what? I actually like it better. I’m not sure if it’s the Kona Snow and the wonky star shape I like better, but it works with this fabric line (which admittedly is not my taste).
Block 2 was designed by our President Andi, and it’s called “Modern Strings”. I went back to the brown because I had more of that in my stash.
As the official pattern tester, I get to see all the block patterns ahead of time, so I’ve already got block 3 (designed by Lynn) queued up. Can’t reveal it until after our April meeting though!

One thought on “AMQG Modern Block of the Month

  1. You did a nice job with the spikes on the wonky version of your stars block. Sometimes they can be off in relation to the square and look a little strange. You all should enter these in the QuiltCon contest. Very nice work.

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