My Mini-Quilt from Cindy

When we got back from our trip last week, a little package was waiting for me, all the way from Ireland.  As part of the Atlanta/Irish Modern Quilt Guild swap, we exchanged mini-quilts, and I may have rigged it so Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting and I were partners.

Somehow Cindy figured out that I maybe-sort-of like Star Wars, and based on a class she took at the Fat Quarterly retreat, she decided to make me a porthole view from the Millennium Falcon.  Alderaan! Tatooine! Those other planets I can’t remember the names of!

A long time ago in a galaxy far away in my sewing room…

Cindy posted a lot of detail shots of the quilt on her blog before she sent it over, so you can go there for some more photos, but I told her I would present it in proper context:

So what if I have 3 different Han Solo action figures? I can quit any time I want.

For the full effect, you have to put on the 3-D glasses to view the planet fabric (thanks, Rhonda, for helping Cindy out!) and yell “That’s no moon!” or “I made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs!” I love the swirly batiks for the planets.

Thank you, Cindy! I love it. And thanks for the extra goodies for all the kids (human and feline).

Bonus semi-related Helper Cat photos:

Zapper takes to the fainting couch in the face of so many Han Solos.
The Force is strong with this one. Apparently presence of a high level of midichlorians makes one take a lot of naps.

5 thoughts on “My Mini-Quilt from Cindy

  1. Wow, Cindy did a great job, what an excellent idea, it’s so you! :)) And with the action figures it’s all complete! I always love to see the helper cat photos! 🙂 Just downloaded your podcast for this week and off to go listening it! 🙂

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