HtbaS - Special Episode 103a

Welcome to the story episode! Listening to this means you’ve found the new feed and permanent home of the podcast.  The stories I tell are:

  • The story of my wedding dress
  • Two Magical Nights, or how my kids made it into the world (with no gross stuff - just the funny bits)
  • Double Feature: The Blair Witch Frog / Death Rodent on Wheels (this one does contain cursing and questionable language so you may want to skip it if you are offended)

5 thoughts on “HtbaS - Special Episode 103a

  1. The Death Rodent on Wheels story had me in tears of laughter on my way to work this morning. Hilarious. Just be glad the mouse didn’t curl up in some unreachable space inside the car to die. Dead Mouse is not the kind of scent you really want in your car. Ask me how I know… (although the dead mouse in my case was not in the car, but *inside* the bedside lamp base. The joys you have missed out on by having indoor-only Helper Cats!)

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