WIP Wednesday: Onward

I finally started quilting Grandma’s Garden.  The big sticking point, honestly, was the thought that if I quilted it the way I wanted to, I’d have about a billion ends to weave in.  So I finally resigned myself to having a frillion billion million ends to weave in, and moved forward. I’m doing a lot of feathers and fans within the flowers (with a different thread color for each part of the flower as appropriate - yellow, purple, green, blue, orange, pink, etc.).  The background within the blocks is done in white.  I’m still not sure what pattern to use in the outer border- ideally it would be some sort of feather pattern to complement the blocks.  Well, no, in an ideal world I could snap my fingers and it would be done by elves.

I’ve also been plotting the next things on the horizon - when I heard that Bonnie Hunter was doing another mystery quilt without strings (which is my main sticking point with some of her stuff - I’ve come to learn I don’t like string piecing on foundations), I was intrigued.  I originally pulled out some lime green, medium blue, pinks, and purples for it, but couldn’t really figure out where to use a quilt like that, other than for my daughter who already has a bunch of quilts for her bed.  So I’m going Christmas-y and will upsize the pattern a bit to make it king size and give it to my in-laws for Christmas next year.  Here’s what those fabrics look like.

My in-laws have their bedroom done in cabin-y, woodsy colors so I think it’ll work out fine.

I’ve also been figuring out the applique center for the last Star Wars quilt - it’s a Millennium Falcon leaping into hyper-space.

It’s not “playing”, it’s research!

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Onward

  1. If you find out where to order those elves that machine quilt, let me know. I could use some around here. Have fun with the mystery quilt! I’m totally with you on the dislike of string piecing. Last year I just used solid pieces of fabric for the string pieced squares. Made me a much happier quilter that way.

  2. I was in a local fabric store yesterday and noticed several nicely displayed Starwar fabrics. I thought of you straight away. I know that you must have these fabrics in your stash already though. Just wanted to share.

  3. I have been thinking of doing the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. This is right after I told Darla I sincerely disliked mystery quilts. Yes, eating crow right over here. I am trying to get a friend to do it with me. How did you decide how to switch out the purple, lime, and blue for the Christmas colors. Value, it looks like, but I am interested in your process.

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