HtbaS - Episode 107

A much better week than last week! My computer is back up and running, and I got a ton of little projects done this week. I talk about quilting the center for Memories of Provence, Easy Street, teacher gifts, and other small projects. I also talk about how important it is to let go of projects once you give them away.

Here is the link to the thread catcher tutorial I used to make these fun little beauties (members of my guild will know who the one on the left is intended for!):

For extra stability, I hand-stitched some non-slip shelf liner onto the underside of each so they’d be less likely to slide off the table when full.

Edited to add: Whoops! Forgot to post a picture of my Christmas quilt! I finished this in 2010.


3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 107

  1. Nicely done! The non-slip backing on the pin cushion is good tip. Most of the ones I’ve seen made around here include a square tile in the bottom of the pin cushion for weight.

  2. For those of us that wonder how you get so much done, can you tell us how many hours are in your day? It must be more than 24! Or more realistically, how many hours a week do you actually spend in your sewing room? Is it continuous time, or 10 minutes here and there?

    Listening to your computer woes recently is pushing me to make that computer back up I’ve been postponing for way too long. My husband recently made a back up of our server and we took it to my mother’s house for safekeeping. i think we can compete with the number of computers in your house, but our boys are older: we each have a laptop (4 total), there’s a desktop, 2 netbooks (not really used anymore) and 1 iPad. A typical evening at house finds all of us in the den with a laptop on each lap. If it’s Thursday, we’re waiting impatiently for The Big Bang Theory to come on TV.

    Back to sewing/quilting I love those pincushions! I have them on my “someday” list, but not very near the top.

  3. Yes, I promise there is a cat in Book 5. Rollo is more of a force of nature than a dog, though.

    Your quilting prodigiousness is even more more impressive given that you are tackling the Outlander books at the same time.

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