WIP Wednesday: Huzzah

Well, it’s been a pretty good week. Fred made it through his first injection to kill the adult heartworms, and while it’ll be a challenge to keep him calm for the next 3 months, he’s on the road to recovery. The kittens are all healthy, and integration of the animals is going well.

My laptop is back up and running, and I’m in the process of reloading my content back on it. I discovered the SharePod application which allowed me to copy everything from my iPod back onto my computer so I didn’t lose any songs or audiobooks. I also discovered Bulkr to copy my pictures from flickr back into my personal files for most of the quilts I’ve made since August. I need to find an application to copy the Helper Cat pictures I had on my iPod, which means I didn’t lose the last pics of Zoom & Zapper, or the early days of the kittens, but I know those exist. I need to dig up my key to re-install Microsoft Office, but it’s around here somewhere. Audacity is installed and ready to podcast on Friday! My webcam works, so we’re back in business!

What I’m saying really is, back up your data, people. Seagate has awesome backup drives for less than $100 and it can really save your bacon.

Mmm… bacon.

Okay, really you’re here for the quilting talk, so here goes.  I got the center quilted of Memories of Provence over the weekend on my friend Lynn’s longarm.  I’m going to do feathers in the setting triangles, some straight line quilting on an inner border, and then a meander in the outer border, all of which was easier to do on my home machine than on the longarm. I’m hopeful to have it done this week, so I can take it with us to my parents’ house and sleep under it at Christmas!

I’ve been making some small gifts for friends, which I’m not going to show until after they receive them, but I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  We’ve also been working on a group quilt which is coming together nicely (which I also can’t show pictures of).

I’m still planning on the Sweetwater Twister quilt, and I’m also designing a mini-quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild Madrona Road Challenge.  In the Atlanta MQG, we each got 1 FQ and 6 F8’s of fabric from the Madrona Road line from Michael Miller to make a mini quilt by the February meeting. I have an idea for mine, but need to sketch it out. I’m also doing a small wallhanging for my FIL for Christmas. And another teacher gift. And…

I think Nina is judging the contents of my WIP box.


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Huzzah

  1. No fair…no pictures did you make that box Nina is checking out? I love the circles and colors on it! Curious what you’ll come up with for the MQG challenge, Madrona Road is a very yummy fabric collection. Good luck with your Memories of Provence quilting! :) I’m really happy you didn’t lose those pictures, they’re so precious memories!

  2. Those darn cats…always in the middle of our work. LOL
    I have 3 who all 3 think they need to be in the craft room with me. I have to use the lint brush on my ironing board every time before I iron anything.

  3. I am calling you when I have a computer crash. Perhaps I’ll pay to fly you out and help me. I am ordering a new backup drive ASAP as well. My guild is doing Madrona Road, too, but I don’t think i will do it.

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