Aragon Bag - Finished!

I was very happy to have an opportunity to recently test out Sew Sweetness’s pattern the Aragon Bag! Although referenced as a diaper bag, there are no diapers in my immediate future so I figured I’d make it as a project tote/meeting bag/all around Schleper-Of-Things.

I like this pattern because it’s roomy (12×16″ or so, and 6″ wide), and has a TON of pockets.  There’s a big pocket with a flap on one side, two elasticized end pockets (perfect for bottled water or even wine*), a zippered pocket on the other exterior side, a zippered pocket on the inside, and two elasticized pockets on the inside.  I actually left two additional interior pockets out because I wanted the room for a laptop or Kindle or general stuff to fit in there.

*Note, I would have photographed with a bottle of wine in the end pocket, but the only bottle I have in the house is a GIANT bottle that wouldn’t fit (and is almost empty - sad trombone!), but a regular bottle of wine would fit. Alternately, a box of wine would fit inside the bag, if you are klassy like that.**

** No judgement. I am Klassy with a capital “K”.

I love that Sara provided instructions for adding purse feet to the bottom. I usually remember too late that it would be a good addition, and have to fumble around and guess where to add them on the bottom.  I went the extra step of laminating my bottom piece with iron-on vinyl so it’ll be easier to clean. As if I ever clean the bottom of my purse, although I should!

I used a charm pack of Denyse Schmidt’s latest line Florence to make my side panels, and some Moda Grunge in grey for the rest of the exterior. I had a lime polka dot for the interior.

The pattern is available in Sara’s shop at Sew Sweetness online.

For those interested, this bag will fit approximately one (1) cat, size large.

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