WIP Wednesday: Stalled No More

I finally got off my duff and made some progress on my Dresden Plate quilt.  I’ve got all the blades assembled into their appropriate configurations: 2 full plates, 4- 3/4 plates, 4 half plates, and 4 quarter plates.  That mix of sizes will all make sense once I have the top put together, I promise.  I’m currently working on getting the centers put together for the various plate sizes, which is interesting since some are supposed to look like flowers and some are just decorative border pieces.

I’ve got my stem and leaf fabric picked out, and need to finalize my leaf shape and get it sketched and sized right.  I think I’m using a leaf shape from a picture I took on a nature walk with the kids a couple months ago, so I’ll need to transform that from picture to line drawing to do it.

I’m also piecing the background so it’ll be more interesting than a solid piece of fabric, so those are my leaders and enders as I’m fiddling with the rest of these pieces.

Jett, as you can imagine, is all over this entire project. Literally.  The full Dresden centers and plates themselves are in the lower right of that picture, and his head is on the stem & leaf fabric.

Owly ImagesWhen I haven’t been fiddling with Dresden plates, I finished up the second pumpkin for my kids’ school auction. For the uninitiated, it’s a Minion from the movie “Despicable Me”.  It’s mostly painted, although the goggles are mason jar rings with some template plastic behind it so the LED candle inside it will shine through.  He’s got pipe cleaner hair, duct tape goggle straps, and felt gloves.

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