WIP Wednesday - Is This Real Life?

The haze of Christmas break combined with polar-vortex-induced-school-cancellation means that everyone is taking their time getting back into the groove at my house. That, of course, didn’t stop me from ushering children out the door and thinking “Bye! Be safe! Stay warm! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!” this morning.

Ah, motherhood.

Anywho, finishing a large quantity of quilts earlier this week means I’m in clean-up/re-organize mode for a bit while embarking on new projects.  There are two currently percolating in addition to the larger king-size quilt I’m working on for my parents.  The first is my First Official English Paper Piecing project; I’m doing the Diamonds in the Sky quilt from Tula Pink, and am part way through the first row.

Diamonds in the SkyI’ve got more done than this, but this is the largest chunk I’ve got assembled.  This will be my travel/sitting on the couch project, and will make slow progress through the year.

Ocean Waves BlockThe second project I’m working on is a challenge quilt for the East Cobb Quilters Guild.  It’s supposed to be “All About Me“, represent me in some way, and also have lime green and polka dots in it somewhere.  This block is a small part of the quilt I’m making for it.

This Ocean Waves block is 12″ finished and is made up of waste HSTs from Silver Star.  I’ve got the lime green and polka dot part covered so far!

14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - Is This Real Life?

  1. Is that just a question, or the starting of a Queen song? :)) Lovely ocean waves block, did you start it with Carole, or it’s just a convenience? I know She’s working her way away on those blocks,too. Have you seen Jaye’s tweet about the 8 HST-s at the time? Or you’re probably using it already… :) Diamonds in the sky… awesome! The pattern and the fabrics, too!

  2. My 8 year-old son gifted me a diamond ruler for Christmas and keeps asking me if I’ve used it yet. I’m still trying to decide what to make with it, but seeing pictures of your “Diamonds in the Sky” project are tipping the scales that direction. Beautiful piecing and fabric choices. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your earworm battle on Twitter is cracking me up.
    I have some of that Tula Pink fabric to make a purse. I think that’s up after the BOM I’m finishing up. Finish a UFO, start a new project, right?

  4. Diamonds in the Sky looks great. I am using it for my travel project. I get a lot of the individual pieces done on plane trips and in hotel rooms.

  5. Hola Pam! I’m crushing on diamonds in the sky… and curious about what the first block ‘says about you?’ … other than you love using your waste triangles!!

  6. This is going to be amazing. I love English paper piecing. Before I did the block in my sampler where I first tried it, I was sure I’d find all that hand stitching tedious, but I was completely hooked.

  7. I SWORE I wasn’t going to start another project until all of my present projects were completed. I’ve never had more than two things going at the same time until this past year. But I own Diamonds in the Sky pattern and seeing yours started was just the carrot I needed to get me started on one more thing. In my defense, my main project is in a holding pattern while I wait on a shipment of the Weeks Dye Works embroidery floss I need to finish the embroidery part. The piecing is finished. I got all of my pieces cut tonight for Diamonds in the sky. Woo Hoo!

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