Saturday Sampler Blocks - Design Choices

Saturday Soiree - Block 10Another Saturday, another block pick up!  Let’s talk Saturday Soiree first, because that one didn’t have any issues.

HSTs. Square in a squares. Etc. Went together smoothly, although the square in a square method used seems wasteful to me, but it made sense to do it their way given the directional nature of the plaid.

Now, Mum Medallion.  The patterns are written with a particular specialty ruler in mind, but since I made the decision not to buy it, I have to live with the consequences of sometimes having to make it without the exact directions. Sometimes the shop provides alternate directions, but their staff was particularly busy this month so we didn’t get that. As a result, I had to wing one of the construction areas and ended up mis-cutting the mulberry colored fabric too small, making the brown “corner” in the center part too big. That had a ripple effect of not lining up with the other HSTs in the corners, so I turned those around and got this:

Mum Medallion - Block 3 - Before the fixIt’s very…. square looking. Not ideal, but I thought I could live with it.

Mum Medallion - Block 3 - Fixed

Then I slept on it and decided I couldn’t live with it, so I took it apart and inserted this teal fabric to bring it up to the right size, and trimmed down the brown on the center so it lined up with the corner HSTs and then rotated those the proper way and VOILA.

And now I’m much happier with it.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler Blocks - Design Choices

  1. The plaids are so striking in the first block! I like the way they line up perfectly like little soldiers :) You made the best of your mistake, I have to say! It’s a ta-da moment, isn’t it? :))) Great thinking there!

  2. Lots of times redoing a block to follow the rules is just an exercise in time wasting. In this case, redoing it and adding the teal makes it MUCH better. Yea for you!!! Salad? Yours all sound great. Do you have a Costco near you? I am LOVING their Kale Super Foods salad. It comes in a bag with a poppy seed dressing that I pitch because I don’t eat eggs and dairy and the dressing has one or both (can’t remember) but it has brussel sprouts, kale, I don’t know - seven green items. It comes with a separate bag of pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. AWESOME stuff! My youngest boy eats three bags a week, so we buy a LOT of this. Salad is “free” food for a Diabetic (my son is Type 1) and it’s mighty yummy. My kids were born into a Vegan home so they all eat TONS of produce.

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