HtbaS - Episode 176

5 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 176

  1. Listening to your podcast right now. I’m here at work and had an OMG moment. You were talking about Nina and your husband being an aircraft inspector/mechanic. Well, I’m sitting here working right outside of a hangar in the QC department dealing with inspectors/mechanics all day. Co-in-ci-dence!!!! Loving your podcasts. Thanks.

  2. enjoying listening to your podcast. I didn’t get to comment on your posts this week… bit slack here. When you talked about your steam punk quilt I was thinking… I remember that one!! from back when I was listening to all your back catalogue. Go me

  3. I do believe that sometimes a scrap quilt can be too scrappy but I believe that mostly comes from me wanting to control the palette. The exercise of putting light strips in 1 bag and dark strips in another and just sewing what you pull out was almost painful. I would find myself sifting through the bag looking for the “best” choice. I am glad you managed a happy ending by finding a new home for the too bright quilt.

  4. You are right about the spider web string blocks being different - I do find myself making the really annoying strings skinnier just to turn down the volume a bit - but I love how Scrapideux came out in the end.

    Thanks for the rec for Orphan Black. We binge watched all of Season 1 and E1S2 over the weekend, so now I’m just POed and waiting for Saturday. (I guess there’s no mystery about why I DON’T get more quilting done!)

    Love the pic of Nina. She looks like mischief with whiskers.

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