WIP Wednesday: Son of Frankenbatting

The last few days have been devoted to the creation of Frankenbatting (piecing together remnants of batting into quilt-sized pieces using a LOT of zig-zag stitches). I have a drawer in my cutting table I stuff all the remnants into until the Time of Frankenbattening is ripe. You can tell the time is ripe when the batting bursts forth from the drawer and starts growing cats on it, like this:

Owly ImagesReady to harvest!

Helpering on Half Notes QuiltI’ve pieced together enough to sandwich this quilt, which uses those brown triangles I had cut for another project, and now will be in a donation quilt for the local child services organization. It’s named “Half Notes” and is around 60″ square.

I’m working on piecing together another batch to sandwich the Quilt of Valor, and the rest of the Frankenbatting will be used for other charity projects. Right now I’ve got a bona fide PILE-UP of three quilt tops that need to be finished. I’m thinking I can get two of them done this week if I can get the binding put together.

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Son of Frankenbatting

  1. Frankenbatting?! I love it! I have an oversized cardboard box full of batting scraps in the corner of my sewing room, but unfortunately I have all different types of leftover batting pieces tossed in there willy-nilly and can’t tell what’s what anymore. If I could stick with one kind of batting (or if I developed late-blooming organizational skills) then I could Frankenbatten like you do. Until then, I just hoard all those batting scraps for FMQ practice or in hopes of using them in small projects.

  2. I love how Morello is testing the Quilt’s puffiness already! And I see Jett is also very interested! Great progress with all the tops done, and the possible finishes.

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