WIP Wednesday: Lazy Days of Summer

While you’re here, have you entered to win the Scrapideux quilt?

Smug Cat is SmugI am surrounded by piles of cats in various states of laziness.

Exhibit A: Jett, in the skylight sunbeam, atop the pile of scraps that needs to be trimmed. Shortly after taking this picture, he rolled belly up and presented himself for rubbing. The scraps are the current work in progress as it’s time to empty the bin - he’s resting on 3/4th’s of the original pile. Yikes.

Lazy Days of SummerExhibit B: Nina, atop a charity quilt that needs to be bound (and obviously washed to remove cat hair!). She has not actually moved since taking this picture.

Once I get this bound and the scraps cut up, I plan on cutting bits out for another Quilt of Valor (“regular”, not patriotic, this time), and marking and quilting my Bitty Broken Lone Star.

Homemade Cherry CobblerAnd, because I can, a gratuitous picture of homemade cherry cobbler (from scratch!), which was part of my husband’s Father’s Day present.

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Our dog will lay on any and all fabric that graces the ground in his presence. Usually it’s a hoot…unless I was planning on working with said fabric. As for your cherry cobbler I happened to have an incident with a cherry pie this week; I was given a whole one, fresh, for being awesome at my job. What in the world does one do with a whole cherry pie? I have no children…so, I gave it to the people behind the desk at my gym. Someone needed to enjoy it :-)

  2. Hi Pam, I just recently began listening to your podcast and I really enjoy it! I’ve been a quilter since 2010 and it’s so fun to hear other quilters talk about their projects, ups and downs, new tools, patterns, etc. Thank you :)

  3. Hubby loves cCherry anything and the cobbler looks delicious so I may have to ask you for the recipe. I enjoy the photos of your helper cats. I miss my kitties (aforementioned hubby has serious cat allergies) Beavis (black like Jett) loved to be in or on the fabric and helping me when I sewed.

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