HtbaS - Episode 191

This week there wasn’t a lot of sewing going on, but there was self-realization about why I dislike(d) specialty rulers.



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  1. Cute bags! Washcloths are a great knitting practice piece - once they are used, no one expects them to be pretty. Have you joined Ravelry yet? Lots of free patterns available, and a great stash database. A couple of lit podcasts you might enjoy: Books on the Nightstand, and 2 Knit Lit Chicks (yes they get an annoying amount of knitting finished!) Both have book reviews. Craftlit podcast has a great archive of books, all are public domain. Heather gives great intros and background info. She does one or two chapters per week, but you can binge on the previous books (Frankenstein and Dracula were really good - there are so many references to them in pop culture that I finally understand.)

  2. Thanks for the mention, Pam! My dislike for specialty rulers isn’t all encompassing, I have a couple. I dislike the idea of yet another item spend money on and to store. While I’m not a quantum physicist, I can do some math 😀
    Love knitted washcloths, they are very useful and terrific practice (especially for that scratchy yarn you just can’t throw away).

  3. I have a love and sincere dislike for specialty rulers. I love rulers, in general, and want them ALL. Well, at least I thought I did until I started seeing patterns that required a certain specialty ruler for that particular pattern and NO directions for people who did not have that ruler, didn’t want to buy the ruler or couldn’t figure out how to use said ruler. I like rulers that are useful. I have a plethora of squares. My favorite ruler is the Creative Grids 4.5″x8.5″. It fits well in my hand, doesn’t fall off the cutting table because it is not giant and I use it all the time. I have a couple of long rectangles and those are great for borders - indispensable in fact for the few times I need to cut giant pieces of fabric. I don’t consider any of those true specialty rulers. I also have the Deb Tucker Flying Geese ruler and LOVE that thing. I used it all the time when I made my Swoon quilt. I have a diamond ruler (another true specialty) that came in really handy when I cut about 300 diamonds for FOTY 2010 and also for the diamonds I cut for the Renewed Jelly Roll Race. I have other specialty rulers, but I tend to shed them if they aren’t useful. I always have high hopes when I see them, but their promise doesn’t always pan out. I guess my definition of specialty rulers is more like specialized rulers: one ruler for one pattern. I guess. If I can use a ruler for a few things, I guess it is only pseudo specialty. Fine line, huh?

  4. Hi Pam,
    I meant to post this question a couple episodes about when you were talking about basting your quilt. When you tape you backing and batting to the floor and go to pin baste, how do you get your hands under to do up the safety pins or to poke straight pins through. I’ve only every made one “quilt” but this part really road blocked me so I gave it to my mom to finish and never did figure it out!!

  5. My rule for rulers is that they ALL must fit on 3M hooks attached to the inside of ONE door. I do have room for more rulers but I really don’t have a need. I love my 2 Dear Jane rulers (because that’s what I am doing now), my 6.5″ square, my 24.5 x 6.5 ruler and my 12.5 x 3.5. Truly that’s ALL I need for the sorts of piecing I do.

    Pam, I LOVE that we share a NEED to multi-task. I simply MUST be listening to an audio book or podcast while I sew. TV doesn’t work for me as I require captions to understand the shows (no hearing loss, just a stupid brain) but audio books and podcasts engage one half of my brain so the sewing part can do it’s thing. It would be a very dark day when I ran out of all audio material.

    What running shoes did you get? I need a new pair because, after my bone fracture, my old shoes do not feel comfy at all. 500 miles on them and I need new ones. I’m looking at Mizunos because that’s all I wear but the ones I have always bought have been retired so a new Mizuno it will probably be. I have this belief that running shoes are intentionally made to be in the most hideous of color combinations. The ones I have are pink, orange and green. Perhaps so we can be easily found if we die on the side of a road. Hmmm, have to ponder that.

    Thanks for mentioning Tina’s podcast. I had somehow missed that she started one and I really love it. Have a great week and may things happen just as they are supposed to.

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