WIP Wednesday: Burlap and Batik

This week I managed to finish stitching all the blocks for the Lone Starburst quilt from Kimberly Einmo’s class last Saturday.  I’m still in the trimming phase, but here’s one set all trimmed up pretty.  The brown and blue read as solid, but are actually a burlap print.  I’ll working on trimming the rest this evening and then move onto the rest of my retreat prep.

I’ve got quite the assortment of projects to haul with me to the retreat - I don’t plan on doing actual quilting of projects since my set up at home is more amenable to that, but I’ll be doing a LOT of piecing and making a totebag and another large overnight bag for the East Cobb Quilters Guild auction next June.

My goal is to get all pieces cut for the various projects I want to work on, so I can dive right in with the stitching.  I think I might need to make a tangent and make some quick project bags to store the various things in so I can keep them organized, but that’s for this weekend.

I also might be making myself a flapper dress for an event in October. Or I might not - depends on my confidence in making clothes and whether I can find an accessible dropped-waist dress pattern (sadly misplaced the one I had in high school!).

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Burlap and Batik

  1. I have been trying to find a drop waist pattern for my 5 year old. My sister and I wore them at Easter one year (8 years old maybe?) and it was my favorite dress ever. NOT flapper dresses though. That would have been interesting at church. Beads and fringe would have been a horrid temptation for the little boys sitting by me. I totally want to be a flapper for Halloween. That or a Jane Austen-ish dress of some sort. I never get around to doing good costumes for myself though, aside from my pioneer garb I made for a Western themed murder mystery party. If you find a good pattern, I would love the source!

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