HtbaS - Episode 206

It’s the Daisycast! Daisy of Very Lazy Daisy joins me to chat about sewing, Thanksgiving, pie, and Walking Dead spoilers. Also, there’s a bit of vomit reference up front so if you don’t want to hear it skip forward to the 6 minute mark or so (Fred had an accident overnight- bleh).

Skype got a little temperamental so there’s a couple drops/rejoins in there where we re-start the conversation. I did my best to even out the levels so hopefully it’s not too jarring.

Enjoy this extra-long #BFSI cast!


7 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 206

  1. Always fun to have a guest on the podcast. You kept me company while I was sewing the borders on a super secret Christmas present. Hope there has been no more vomit and that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving vacation.

  2. Hmm… this episode should be called “the magical mystery pod”. I listened to you lovely ladies on my way to work this morning, and YOU WERE FREAKIN’ ME OUT! After the first blip (I’m assuming yall lost the connection), I heard a weird “BLORRRRPP” and you went from sounding like a normal “insert whatever you listen to in the car”, to Pam sounding like she was sitting to the left of me and Daisy to the right. I nearly had to stop the car after my coffee spit-take. It’s hard to drive when you’re giggling like a buffoon covered in coffee. Thank the good lord it was the crack of the middle of the night so no one saw me. Then, just as I got my stuff together, the episode shaazbazzts back to normal. All of the podding theatrics added to the already scintillating conversation. What a hoot, thanks ladies, I feel like I got extra stuff that I didn’t have to pay more for!

  3. Your levels were great. Why can’t American Patchwork and Quilting Radio do this? I can’t stand to listen as it is loud when Pat talks and not as loud when other talks. Maybe you can teach them. Don’t know if it’s just me but drives me crazy! Love the podcast.

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