HtbaS - Episode 247

It’s my 5 year Podcastiversary!  I talk about that and brief catch up of what’s changed in the last five years, and what I’ve been doing in the sewing room.

Catch us tonight on the virtual Stitch In!  I’ll tweet the Google Hangout link (to view or participate) on my twitter feed @Pantsfreesia, and on the The Stitch TV Show Facebook group.


One thought on “HtbaS - Episode 247

  1. Congratulations on five years!!!!
    Please, please don’t change anything! That is the reason I love your podcast is because it’s like you are just on here talking to friends. Which you are just talking to your quilting buddies……right? Any who, just my opinion.

    Ugh…Halloween costumes. Good luck with that.

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