WIP Wednesday: Outsourcing

Do you view Halloween as the bane of your crafty existence, or is it an opportunity for excellence?  I have mixed feelings myself; my son has been pretty good about phoning it in with just the contents of the dress up box.  He’s been an “army guy” for about 3 years running, and soon he’ll age out of the trick or treat population.

My daughter, on the other hand, as Ultimate Faith in my crafting ability. And makes Fancy Requests. Last week she wanted to be a “doge”, of the Shiba Inu internet meme fame.  This week she discovered My Little Pony and switched to that for her costume. Fortunately I was lazy and hadn’t done much other than order white sweatshirt and sweatpants to dye for the dog thing.  When she switched to Pony, I channeled Henry Ford and told her she could be any pony she wanted as long as it was white so I didn’t have to mess with the dye.

Being the artist she is, she drew up her own character (with white body!), which Morelli is helpfully modeling.

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I can work with that. My plan is to make her a scoodie - a hood with a scarf attached, and work in the mane and horn into that piece at the crown of the head.  I can also add the cutie mark to the ends of the scarf, in addition to the piece I would (temporarily) attach to her bum as the ponies have.  I did break the news to her that the wings might not be doable, especially since she’s got a costume party this Saturday to wear it to.

What she doesn’t know is that I think I still have my tiny Spike figure from the 1980’s she can use as part of the costume, which she has named “Little Timmy”. #MomWin

When I’m not sewing costume parts this week, I’m working on the center medallion for the Solid as a Rock sampler.  I need to add yellow to this assortment, but here’s the palette:

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3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Outsourcing

  1. Hi! I just found your podcast and have listened to two episodes. It is a varied mix of material you have there. As someone new to your podcast, could I just say I feel like I’ve fallen into the middle of someone’s personal conversation. I don’t even know your name. Your podcast sounds like you are geared only to those who are “in” on the conversation as you don’t introduce yourself to us new to your podcast and explain a tiny bit about yourself. For example you talked about your workplace today like we all know what you do for work. Not me. I’d love to learn more about you. I do get that you are overworked there but what kind of work do you do? Let us be able to sympathize a little by knowing that you are snowed under writing code, or answering phone, or discovering a new germ, or whatever you do. Fill the new listeners in just a tiny bit each week so we can feel welcome. l

    This isn’t meant to be a criticism but I just felt out of place and I”m trying to explain, perhaps not very well, what might help. Just my thoughts, ignore as you wish or reply as you wish. Thanks for listening.

  2. I am sort of sad that I don’t have Hallowe’en costumes to make now that Soft & Stable is a real product. I wished for it the whole time I was making costumes (remember the paint stirring stick comment??). OK, really I am only sad in a theoretical way. The actual making wasn’t that fun. I always started with a sweatshirt and pants also.

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