HtbaS - Episode 252

4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 252

  1. Thanks for the Droid quilt pattern. I don’t think you’ll be all alone. I was late to the party and purchased fabric on Saturday. I’ll be making it as soon as the Christmas madness is over.

  2. Almost not a #podcastdeliquent

    I know what you mean by having to get back into the swing of sewing. I started a tablet cover and cut out the pieces, then stopped. Today I am getting back to it and woo baby what a challenge.

    I know about posting gifts before the recipient gets them. I put a placeholder post on my blog and slowly write the post as I finish the gift, then set the post to publish after the appropriate day. I don’t get the satisfaction of posting NOW, but I do get a lot of posts pre-written, which allows me to be lazy after Christmas.

    The change in tone from grammar to middle school is marked and not limited to your school. I am not sure why. My theory is that the teachers just don’t want to have the one-on-one with the parents that grammar school teachers were willing to have. It is a shame, because I was willing to do crappy jobs like stuff envelopes or corral teenage boys with authority. More free time for me.

    i do not own any Jelly Rolls. However, I do own quite a few charm packs.
    Hope your week off is going well.

    No longer a #podcastdeliquent

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