HtbaS - Episode 253

This week I talk about sewing low-volume, having the week off from work, and a smidge about US Thanksgiving. Mostly I’m giving thanks to be able to sew and podcast and putter around with my family, and I’m thankful that you all keep coming back to listen to me prattle on into a microphone!

New episode of The Stitch is up, too!


3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 253

  1. WOW! I am so thrilled that I got all of my #podcastdeliquency dealt with before you recorded. SCORE!!!

    Was not into Black Friday either. We did have to drop off a package that needed to be returned, then the YM and I went and got ice cream (yes, it is ~50 degrees, but that is how we roll) and ran some errands.

    Yeah, I agree that the teachers want the kids to talk to the parents and so they don’t tell the parents. You are right in that it doesn’t happen. My kid just looked at me like I was speaking Klingon when I would ask him what happened in school.

    Perhaps you could show pictures of your front yard?

    Yeah, those weird shapes are a problem in EQ7. My husband does the math for me. I know you do your own math, but I am happy with my system. 😉

    I haven’t watched The Stitch yet. Did you give a suggestion on a good machine binding tutorial.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Just wanted to swing by and say thanks. I always look forward to your podcast and today it made me go out and walk because I told myself no listening to podcasts unless it’s while you are exercising. You always make me laugh. Love The Stitch too

  3. Hey Pam, enjoyed the podcast and The Stitch video, which I listened to back-to-back. Had my ipad on the ironing board so did look over as necessary while stitching. I laughed when Lynn talked about “not being able to quilt it out.” At a charity sew-in yesterday, several quilters were just shocked at how slowly I added borders….measuring through the middle of the quilt, and then PINNING it to the top before sewing. As a longarm quilter myself, it’s worth the bother!

    EQ can take getting used to for layouts. When I want a count, I use the print, fabric yardage, which shows how many pieces of each color are needed. For example, though I drew out a scrappy colored tumbler quilt, I made another coloring where all the full-sized tumblers were one color, the half-tumblers another. The count for pieces then showed me how many of each style. The yardage is always high-they say it converts triangles (and probably tumblers) to a square for the estimates.

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