HtbaS - Episode 254

3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 254

  1. Isn’t it crazy how it is December? What happened to the year? I can’t wait for January. Aside from my birthday being in January, it is the beginning of the year and new prospects are ripe.

    Nope. Not #podcastdeliquent again …yet. I am on fire! 😉

    I have to reboot, so more later!

    1. OK. Reboot accomplished.

      I have tried machine binding on some donation quilts a couple of times for the reasons you stated when you talked about why you machine bind. Also, I wanted to try and practice. I had some trouble with lining up the binding on both sides and also the corners. If you do a video, which would be awesome, could you talk about those two things? I usually make double fold bias binding at 2.25″ (folded becomes half of that in case I wasn’t clear).

      I believe with all my heart that you will make another Star Wars quilt. Definitely Han Solo. Everyone liked Luke, but I was always a Han girl.

      I have been pinning notes to my fabric to remind me of an idea or a project for which they are intended. You could do that with your unbleached muslin.

      I amuse myself with the names of my quilts as well. I get it.

      Also, 13+ yards is a respectable number of fabric yards to use in a week so feel free to crow about that.

      I think you should have the Elf write a farewell missive to your children this year. It sounds like such a pain and I am glad we never started it.

      I agree that naming fabrics in a pattern is fraught. I have used foreground and background, which can work in certain circumstances. I don’t like Fabric A, Fabric B, because I never know if I have the right contrast or if I need contrast or something.

      Great podcast. Thanks.

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