WIP Wednesday - Hold the Phone!

I know! WIP Wednesday going up on an ACTUAL Wednesday? Who am I anymore?

To be honest, I feel like I spend as much time pampering these Elves on the Shelves as sewing because of course we have TWO, and not just one that works overtime. Even our neighbor with 4 kids has only one elf to contend with.  At least our elves aren’t mischievous - they just move around the living room and answer the fan mail from the kids.

In non-elf related news, I feel like I’m just biding time between Bonnie Hunter Allietare Mystery clues, so I’m sticking to smaller projects.  I’m working on piecing the center for a Quilt of Valor based on the FQs and fabrics my mom and I picked up at Little Quilts over the weekend.  That’s the shop that’s going out of business that Lynn and I talked about in the last episode of The Stitch.  They still have a TON of Tula Pink and Kaffe Fasset fabrics left for anyone in the Atlanta area looking for a good deal.  I think everything is 50% original price now.

I got asked on Instagram if all the reds were supposed to be pointing the same direction for those star centers.  The honest answer is yes, if I had been paying attention, but some of the prints are so busy that I don’t think it matters, so they are being sewn together all whopperjawed.

It’s just occurring to me that may be a Midwest colloquial term my mother used when I was a kid.  “Whopperjawed” means crooked, askew, or “not right”.

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - Hold the Phone!

  1. I like whooperjawed and am envisioning a mouth full of Whoopers malted milk balls pushing one’s jaw askew. Glad you found some good deals at Little Quilts and no surprise their Kaffe & Tula Pink supply is slow to go.

    I like the randomness of the reds in the star blocks.

  2. I am so glad I did not buy an Elf when they first came out. I do not need that extra stress. My kids would have seen through it in about 3 days. The Tooth Fairy is pretty forgetful around here, so having to stay on top of that daily… Blech. I love that word. Whopperjawed. :)

  3. Maybe one of the elves could mysteriously go visit your in-laws. So glad we didn’t have one when our kids were little! The tooth fairy here could barely keep up with her duties; an elf in our house would just sit on his shelf!

  4. I’ve never heard the term Whopperjawed, but Caddywompus is used occasionally in these here parts, known as southern California.

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