Donation Quilt Round-Up

I’ve finally gotten quilts photographed, which seems to not happen as often as necessary because either it’s raining or it’s too sunny out. I suppose while it’s always Quilt Season at my house, it’s not always Quilt Photography Season.

First, a smaller quilt inspired by a leftover Lorax panel:

I paired it with coordinating 3.5 and 5″ squares from my scrap stash to build out the top.

Next up is my Gyleen Fitzgerald mystery quilt.  My quilt is smaller than her finished size since I wanted to keep it to the right proportions for donation.  It’s very bright and scrappy (a recurring theme for my donation quilts) and most especially PINK:

The back of this one uses the method I describe in episode 107 of The Stitch - taking a length of fabric and inserting a row of 10″ squares to made it wide enough:

And here’s the latest quilt inspired by the floral print in the larger blocks, with 3.5″ squares to frame them:

These three will make their way to new homes in the next month or so!

7 thoughts on “Donation Quilt Round-Up

  1. Bright and scrappy does seem to be the theme! They will all make some children very happy. I think the floral is perhaps my favorite of this bunch. I have several of those prints, but I never seem to know what to do with them. Perhaps I will give your idea a try!

  2. I know what you mean by it not always being Quilt Photography Season! Excellent point.

    I think these quilts harken back to the day when you wanted to show how much could be done with squares.

    These quilts are all super bright and cheerful, yet they also have their own personalities. Your Gyleen quilt looks nothing like others I have seen. It is nice that you made it your own.

    You don’t label your donation quilts in some way? We have an issue with that at my guild. Stanford, where we donate some quilts, doesn’t like labels on the quilts. It really goes against my grain, because historians won’t know who made the quilt. I have been advocating for guild labels for a few years, but so far no dice. It makes me so sad to send these quilts off with absolutely no provenance.

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