WIP Wednesday: America’s Next Top Brown Dog

Fred opted to help model a quilt block for the wedding quilt I’ve been working on.

Work that smize, Fred! Make your own wind. Unless you’ve eaten cheese or eggs lately, then keep that wind to yourself.

This block, and 3 others, are 32″ blocks. Pattern is Starburst, a free tutorial from Melissa Corey over at Happy Quilting. I am short of printed background fabric by about 12 inches to do the sashing, but I’ve got a solid fabric in the same color that I’m going to use to complement with some cornerstones. Ah, materials shortage: the ongoing inspiration for creative design decisions in quilting.

I did suss out that the intended recipients kind of have a thing for birds, so I’m going to use the space in the center of the various stars to quilt some bird silhouettes. I think it’ll be easier to mark those before assembling the top rather than after.

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: America’s Next Top Brown Dog

  1. Perhaps you can work Fred’s penchant for modeling into a lucrative career for him? Of course, you would need to be a stage mom!

    I am really loving large sized blocks lately. I am not a fan of brown,but it takes on a whole new look when paired with turquoise like fabric colors.

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