WIP Whoopsday: A True Mystery Quilt

This is what the Brain Cloud from Joe vs The Volcano must be like.  I packaged up these bit into 6 groups of similar pieces, obviously to make 6 different quilt blocks of the same design. Except, in looking at these pieces, there enough for 28 “units” to go into a block.

Following my logic, I’d end up with 24 HSTs and 4 white 3.5″ squares. 28 units does not a square block make.

Then I looked at one of the other 5 sets and saw there was another set of 4-3.5″ squares in the colorway, which means A) my brown set got skimped on and B) I still can’t make a square block with 32 units.

BUT WAIT! I vaguely remembered being inspired by Jaye’s Carpenter’s Wheel blocks and thinking that design would be good for HSTs. But according to that block design, I’m short 4 background HSTs for each block in my kit, which means my run of being #BadAtMath is still going. Hmm.

One thought on “WIP Whoopsday: A True Mystery Quilt

  1. There are a couple of different layouts for the Carpenter’s Wheel blocks - mostly with and without the wings on the outside edge of the blocks. Some of the blocks have some other variations, but taking away 8 of the HST wings on one of the block designs might work. Happy to show you in more detail what I mean.

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