HtbaS - Episode 274

This week, I talk about working on small projects to clear off my cutting table, the continuation of #MayMadness as we hurtle towards the end of the school year and summer vacation, and attaching the finale row in my EPP project (while stabbing the bejeebus out of my finger).

Here is an in-progress picture of my second Carry All Caddy (before binding applied). FWIW, It was ultimately easier to handstitch that down rather than machine bind everything as I did on the first one.


6 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 274

  1. Hey Pam! Fun episode, and I LOVE the carry all caddy!

    I still think your cats must just be slightly less fart nugget-y than mine! Ha!

    Another question: you’ve probably talked about this before (but I’m still catching up on old episodes…), but could you share some tips for quilting on your home machine? As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m pretty new to quilting, so I’m just starting to make things larger than baby quilts and just starting to think about experimenting with something other than straight line quilting.

  2. Your bag is fantastic!! Was this made from the class on Craftsy? I have the class and love it. Haven’t made anything yet, however!! 😀

  3. Pam, I totally feel you about school stress! The projects drive me crazy! My daughter had to record a podcast with 2 other people for English, and the person in charge of pressing the record button screwed it up. so now they have to write essays because he podcast didn’t record! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. The Carry All Caddy is awesome,but I will leave those types of things to you to make. Maybe if you ever teach another class I could give it a try. Hope you have survived the end of the school year and have a wonderful week at the beach with your family!

  5. I love the bag. But, I love most bags. This one is pretty tempting. I’m trying hard to resist making ANOTHER bag. But I’ve got her patterns opened in another window and am looking around. Sigh - even more temptation. Where is that credit card?

  6. I think I really will need to make a Carry All Caddy. A woman in the guild made a great looking one and all of yours tipping me over the edge. Of course, I am a bag lady, so nobody should be surprised.

    I really want to know when 6th grade became junior high/middle school. What a dumb idea. Those kids (well, most of them) are not ready IMO for moving classes, having a locker, etc. I thought educators knew something about child development?

    Can’t you show us anything about the year long project?? Sheesh! 😉

    You might consider a Hawaiian style shirt with your sandpiper fabric.

    If you use my triangle technique for your 320 half square triangles, you only need to cut 80 squares (40 foreground/40 background) in the correct size. 😉 If the quilt you are talking about is on her Scrap Quilt Secrets book, it looks interesting. You could applique’ cats on it instead of the flowers. Have fun.

    When you say “getting a quilt back from the longarmer”, is that Lynn or do you use someone else? How do you decide when to send a quilt out or when to do it yourself on Lynn’s longarm? I am guessing size and availability are two key factors. Anything else? Does your longarmer do special quilting? I don’t need to know the person’s name or contact details; I am just curious about your process.

    Have a super fun vacation!

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