WIP Wednesday - Spirit Animals

We have one more day of school left after today. SO CLOSE. It’s also National Wine Day today, so it’s quite appropriate that Jett & Morelli are my spirit animals for today’s WIP Wednesday:

I have to show cat pictures because a good bit of what I’ve been sewing this week I can’t show yet, so they are being convenient “black bars” over the censored parts.

Let this also answer the question of “how do you keep your cats off your sewing table?”.  This picture plus some awkward shrugging and mumbling should answer that. Truth be told, if it’s going for a show or to a non-cat person, it stays in a plastic container that they can’t get to.

So, having typed that, I’m off for National Wine Day!

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - Spirit Animals

  1. They’re too stinkin’ cute. I use blue ziploc storage totes to keep all the bits of each project together and away from cats. I’m sure it’s not foolproof, but it helps!

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