HtbaS - Episode 275

This is a bit of an odd week since I recorded this before I left for vacation, and as this releases I’m still on vacation!  Hopefully it’s sunny and not raining the entire week, but either way I got to say goodbye to work for 9 days and school stuff for the summer!

In this episode, I give some tips based on my experience with free motion quilting (FMQ) on a domestic machine, and run through some feedback and talk about books.


2 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 275

  1. You said you didn’t think that scorpions were indigenous to Georgia and I was wondering about that, too. Perhaps it was a pet that got loose from a neighbor?

    I hope the finals went well. Test anxiety is something the school should deal with in advance, because that is not productive and it is a good skill to encourage for future seasons of testing.

    I love and hate machine quilting gloves. They work great so I use them, but I have to take them off 50,000 times to tie off thread, etc, so they make me crazy. I don’t like backstitching so I stop and tie off every thread. Crazy, I know. I can’t help myself.

    I have recently started to use Steady Betty bands and those are working great for me because I get the grip, but my fingers are free to tie off threads.

    Congrats on the new baby!!!

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