HtbaS - Episode 282

One thought on “HtbaS - Episode 282

  1. You’re back! Yay!

    You need tequila. Just saying.

    Yes, the excel tips were fabulous. Thank you! I’ll have to look up that class. But just the conditional formatting tip will be a huge time saver! (I have a degree in English, Education, and Linguistics, soooo spreadsheets are not my jam. Lol)

    And in the “Pam and Joe” scenario, I’m reasonably sure that you’re Joe, and I’m Pam. And I laughed outloud. 😂 Also, you can make baby jokes around me any time- babies/toddlers are basically puppies, and, you’re right, they don’t care!

    You’re making me nervous talking about HP- I haven’t read it yet! 🙈

    See you at the stitch-in! 🙌🏼

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