HtbaS - Episode 287

It’s a jam-packed podcast episode with some talk of working with rulers on a domestic/sit-down machine for free motion quilting, the new challenge Lynn and I are doing for The Stitch, upcoming quilt projects, and lots of book reviews.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Today’s Podcat was Nina.


3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 287

  1. Hey Pam, thanks for the reply to my previous comment. As i was listening, i realized something i want to apologize for. I put my problem on to you, which was unfair. I tend to…. how to explain? Maybe assume other people have it all figured out (in no way implying you don’t ) and just see myself as a hot mess. Everyone has their own stuff to deal with and i need to mature my own vision of myself. So anyway, thanks and sorry.

    BTW, i love this podcast and the stitch. Great job! While i do come for the quilting talk, i do love when you add a good cat story!

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