WIP Whoopsday - Waiting Room Sewing

Well, this week I’ve quilted a second quilt on Cindy and will be shipping it off to its new home today or tomorrow.  It was the commission quilt for my friend’s cat, so of course I decided to try my hand at ruler work. It’s not bad for being new at it, but I need the grippy stuff on the bottom of the ruler so it doesn’t slide (this is a stronger requirement for domestic machine ruler work than when work on a longarm).  Good thing I have a Craftsy class on it, and also an in-person class on it at the end of the month!  The finished quilt is in the dryer so I’ll try to grab pictures of it today if the light is good.

I also got to do some waiting room sewing while my daughter was at the dentist, so I finished putting on the first border put on the Diamonds in the Sky quilt.  I think I’ll tackle the second one while waiting at art class tonight!

2 thoughts on “WIP Whoopsday - Waiting Room Sewing

  1. I am unclear why you need the grippy things on your ruler on a domestic (is the new quilting machine considered domestic??) and not a long arm? FYI: I use True Grips for my regular rotary cutting rulers. I like them for that application better than Invisigrip (the sheet stuff by Omnigrid, I think). I don’t think Invisigrip would work at all for what you are trying to do.

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