HtbaS - Episode 178

This week I talk about enlightening young minds about quilting and Star Wars and the Grumpy Goldfish. And I forgot to address feedback on the fish, and while he might suffer from “Resting B*tch Face” (as I do), I truly think he’s sort of mad at the fronds. He’s my spirit animal!

Here’s my sweet set-up at the Art Festival at my kids’ school, dazzling them with knowledge of quilting.


3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 178

  1. How fun! It’s neat to see so many of your quilts in so many different styles in one place. I never got a chance to comment on the last episode- but I adore the “Grumpy Goldfish”- both the painting and quilt :)

  2. Fun episode! You were keeping me company on Sunday as I was doing some prep for dinners for the week. Gracie was doing her homework at the kitchen table and listening with me. When you got to the part with all the Star Wars talk, I could see she was doing some eye rolling, but when you came out with the “May the Fourth” line she actually dropped her pen and said, “Really?!” It was hysterical.

    Love that I get to hear quilty talk AND expose my child to cultural references that are not Disney related. Except, whoops. I guess Star Wars is Disney too. Everything is Disney now. (movie reference?)

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