HtbaS - Episode 179

This week I talk about perceptions, meeting faces, Lone Star progress, round robins, and give a couple book reviews.


6 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 179

  1. Please do post the various blocks/links for your Disappearing Day. I am curious as to all the different options, though I am sure more are being ‘born’ every day.

  2. Love your suggestion to “let the math wash over you” while reading The Martian. Surprisingly the math didn’t bother me, but is driving The Pit Boss crazy. Weird, right?

    I’m with Jaye - very curious about your Disappearing Day and looking forward to seeing the links.

  3. Could you give a list of all quilting podcasts out there now? I have heard of a couple of new ones, but I think I am missing some podcasts. I need to listen to my quilter friends before going to sleep!

  4. Have to admit when I made the comments about the Angry Goldfish I was recalling you saying that you get hassled about being cranky or mad when its just your resting face. I remember a student I taught had the same issue.

    Intrigued by the sounds of that Martian book. Might have to check it out. Oh by the way I saw “Pitch Perfect” on sale in the supermarket just before mother’s day and I was like… yeah why not. I’ve watched it twice now… really like it.

  5. Hi Pam, I’m a somewhat new listener - I’m totally hooked on your podcast! I can relate to you on the “bitchy” neutral face - I suffer from the same! My mouth naturally turns down, and yes, I’ve had to do the forceful “slight smile” thing to look pleasant. I can’t tell you how many times people say things to me like, “Smile!” or “Stop having so much fun.” I’m still trying to come up with a clever response!

    Anyhow, funny you mentioned “The Martian”. Last year I read “Wool” by Hugh Howey (heard about that one from Katie, Katie’s Quilting Corner) and LOVED it. So I looked on Wool’s Amazon page to find the section that shows you “books people purchased who purchased this book” - and “The Martian” came up and I have it on deck for my next read. Cool!

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