HtbaS - Episode 193

This I catch up on a couple other stories from earlier travels, talk about the day retreat for the AMQG, making charitable tops to finish out a guild commitment, and what I’m planning for #LDSI (Labor Day Sew In)!


2 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 193

  1. Sooo funny that you talk about this movie. My son gets into my car today (we NEVER go any where together) and he plugs his phone into my radio and plays this sound track for this movie. (which I have not watched) he says hey you know these songs. I said yes I grew up listening to them. Hahaha maybe his old ma is cool after all…… probably not.

  2. it was good to listen to your podcast again. I am glad you are back to regular casting again… even regular podding. I am trying to get back to regular commenting. I didn’t comment straight away and now my brain is fuddled but I do remember you said that you didn’t get many or any comments on your last podcast so here is a comment… even if it isn’t making any sense. :) Put it down to spring fever. First day of spring here in Australia today

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