HtbaS - Episode 196

4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 196

  1. Pam, thank you for answering my question. I did not realize there is such a dramatic difference in quality in fabric until I started visiting quilt shops. I promise to not donate anything ugly. And, I’ve decided I’m going to comment on every post because hearing my name on your podcast makes me feel famous! -Deanna

  2. Wow! Morelli had a lot to tell us this week. I always love hearing from the helpers!

    I have to say “AMEN!” to the warning about JoAnn’s flannel. Sometimes I have gotten lucky and found some fabric that feels okay and washes well, but the flannel is a disaster! Unfortunately I made two whole full sized quilts out of it (with red and white fabric, no less) before I learned that lesson.

  3. When we were there hubby noticed the “Bad Ass Quilters” too only because he noticed the description of not “being judged” then he said they have ribbons so they were judged! I said no they are all the same color so no judging.

    Yes, I would have done a meet up with you guys too.
    Yes I didn’t sound creepy at all did I? I was not stalking I just didn’t want to walk up to you and say are you Pam yeah hey I listen to your podcast but noooo I’m not stalking you nooooo not me, yeah right! I can here it all as you both got back in the car! Gezzzz that was weird HaHaHa Creepy Lady at the quilt show!

    I just found that burlap “look” fabric too. I thought it looked interesting as well. I didn’t order any but I really thought about it though.

    Great podcast as usual.

  4. Enjoyed the podcast again How did the google hangout go? I have never done one or been involved in one so no chance of joining in… not to mention its probably at 3 AM our time or the like so … not going to happen here. HOpe you had fun.

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