Great Getaway Bag - v2.0

I was so pleased with my first Great Getaway Bag (featured over on Sara Lawson’s blog on 10/17!), I made a second one to donate to the East Cobb Quilter’s Guild for their “Small Treasures” auction at the show next June.

Great Getaway Bag

Great Getaway BagMy first version used pre-made handles with very loud, jangly chains.  This one is a little more stealthy since I ma de the handles using some flexible tubing inside the fabric. I also kept the long strap permanently affixed, primarily because I didn’t have swivel clips on hand in the right size.

Despite my simplifications, it holds the same amount of “stuff”, though. Shoes will fit width-wise, a couple days’ worth of clothes on top, and an essential travel cat.

6 thoughts on “Great Getaway Bag - v2.0

  1. I love the red fabric you used, and was wondering i you used cording in the handles, but the tubes make sence! Travel Cat Nina is always the cutest bonus! Now she is like, Mom, with this bag you can certainly take me with you! :)))

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