WIP Wednesday: A Surplus of Helpering

This week I’m focused on quilting my Bonnie and Camille sampler quilt.  Here is an early picture in the basting process:

Step 1: Layout quilt back

Step 2: Remove cat. Repeat previous step.

Step 3: Layout batting and top and take picture quickly before further cat helpering:

Step 4: Baste like the wind!

Step 5: Quilt:

Step 6: See Step 2.

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8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A Surplus of Helpering

  1. My kitty cat has taken to napping on my quilt while I’m at work. I find a little crater in it even though it’s half in-half out of the sewing machine right now. Lol. Your kitties are too cute, love the guide to quilt by! 😉

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