HtbaS - Episode 231

17 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 231

  1. This is a fabulous quilt! The colors just pop! I really love the smoke quilting that you did. It totally deserved a ribbon.

    I have to say that I listening to your podcast since summer of last year. I had to catch up. It has totally inspired me to piece and quilt.

    Thank you for having the courage to say that you would be angry at people trying to give advice on parenting. Unsolicited comments are the worst and tend to send me into crazy mad faster than when I drop my toast and it lands peanut butter side down.

    Keep being amazing! Don’t let the jealous folk get you down!

  2. Haven’t listened yet - just want to say congrats! (maybe I should wait till I do the dishes tomorrow night to keep the tradition going?)

  3. What a gorgeous quilt (yes, I haven’t read your blog lately, and going backwards now), you totally deserved the honorable mention. And I have to say I belong to the dishwasher/commuter podcast listeners :) Have you noticed how I barely leave a comment on the podcast episodes? :)))

  4. Just now listening to the podcast and you were talking about the bigger 15″ square block that you’re doing. I’m wondering if artist portfolios (the cheaper ones) might work for storing/bringing your blocks. Just a thought.

  5. Congratulations! I didn’t listen before we came to the show on Saturday unfortunately so I missed you. The show was awesome, and I’m so glad I got to see “Worn” in person.

    I love the inside scoop about what goes on in the judging room. I’ve never put a quilt in a judged show, but maybe in 2 years I will be brave and try it.

    Hope you’re having a good trip to NY!!

  6. Congratulations! it is nice to see your efforts rewarded. Hope the trip to New York was not as tiring or as stressful as you expected. I totally relate to the part where co-workers want to go out and I want to go back to my room and go to bed.

  7. well done Pam. A great quilt and well deserved win. I won a 2nd at our local agricultural show with a wall quilt and a ribbon for best novice quilt since it was the first time I had entered the show… been quilting for over 10 years so not really a novice but still - have a lovely ribbon now (will probably be my only one cause now I’ve won a ribbon can’t be a novice any more) and doubt I’ll get up to win any others

  8. Congrats on your ribbon! It’s a beautiful quilt.

    I just finished listening to this episode (while sewing for charity, not doing dishes). Your intended hijinks at the next quilt show gave me two thoughts:

    Instead of confetti, the ribbon could drop those little hits of fabric that you get when trimming up blocks.

    And if you do create a farting quilt, name it “Magical Fruit”….

    I hope the training trip is worth all the attendant aggravation and exhaustion!

  9. Podcast Delinquent, though not terribly delinquent, back again.

    Your Lone Star is gorgeous!

    Woo! White House speech writers! I know you have done this already and will probably be speaking about it, but feel free to take time when you need it.

    You did a really great job showing enthusiasm and knowledge for the different aspects of the show. I really appreciated your commentary. Not only was it interesting, but also instructive. Thanks!

    I have to go engage in real life, but will check back later and write another comment as I finish the podcast.

  10. Finally back and just finished listening to this podcast. (Yes, #podcastdeliquent again). I can’t believe you will be (were) so close to City Quilter with no time to get there. No lunch break? I think you should have left and skipped a session and then played the “oh sorry, I thought we were starting up again at 3” ditzy blonde card. Yes, I know you are not blonde or ditzy.

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