HtbaS - Episode 237

I talk about curved piecing, progress on small projects, and some privacy concerns with the Windows 10 updates (see the article from Lifehacker).

Also: Friday, August 14th I’m hosting a virtual sew-in at 7pm US Eastern with my friend Lynn on Google Hangouts. Details and notice posted from my twitter account, @Pantsfreesia.


4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 237

  1. Just so you don’t think I’m always up to my elbows in suds, this week you kept me company in the studio while I finished off some quilting and picked binding fabric for a little wallhanging. Suds free episode!

  2. I can’t remember if I said Ali Smith won the Booker Prize.. Or.. Well if that’s what I said I misspoke. It was the Bailey’s Prize that she won for How To Be Both (awful and terrible at the same time.) That has become my automatic tag line everytime I mention this book. *snort*

  3. I just purchased the same curved piecing ruler while at AQS Syracuse. I had spent some time on their website, but seeing the samples in-person convinced me to buy it. You are so good at figuring things out, I think I may need a class. Love you quilt!

  4. Thank you for the points to look out for with Windows 10. I am also looking forward to the virtual sew-in this Friday. I am in PST but I hope to sneak out early from work and make it. I also have finally caught up with all of your podcast episodes. I started listening to you at the beginning of 2014 and you kept be company many times when I have been sewing. Thank you for that. Last thing - you mentioned the book Quiet when you were talking to Daisy. Wondering if you have read it? It was suggested to me.

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