HtbaS - Episode 255

Short and sweet this week since I have a cold and my voice is not behaving.  I run through feedback, and remind everyone of the Stitch In tonight on Google Hangouts!  Watch it on YouTube here, or get the join links on The Stitch TV Show Facebook page (or the Twilter group on Facebook- I’ll try to remember to post them there as well).


One thought on “HtbaS - Episode 255

  1. Nope. Not #podcastdeliquent. I was going to listen to Frances’ podcast, but it hadn’t downloaded so I am listening to yours first while I try and finish something to show at Guild Show & Tell tomorrow.

    Star Wars quilts: It’s a series! 😉

    Re: gift certificate - You can always buy thread! Or notions (how many Wonderclips do you have? The more the merrier!) or Soft & Stable or bag hardware (you know you are making more bags, right?)

    Feel better! My DH stayed home for two days this week and is finally going to the doctor today. He has been sick on and off for 4 weeks, so it is warranted. I am sure you will be well soon. Rest! Make those children wait on you. 😉

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