WIP Wednesday: How I Felt

This post either be about feelings or, you know, actual felt.  I’ve had a bit of both this week, but here’s the felt for an ornament I’m trying to whip up quickly for an upcoming swap:

I’m also working on a Christmas quilt but those pile of pieces aren’t as exciting to look at this, apparently.  And one day this week I’ll work up enthusiasm on quilting the Quilt of Valor I just pieced, but I need to get it basted first- with the re-arranging it took to fit the Christmas tree in the living room, though, I’ve lost my usual basting floor space!

And of course, I’m getting ready for the virtual Stitch-In on Friday night AND filming the next episode of The Stitch this weekend, hoping for each that the cold I’m coming down with isn’t going to whammy me too bad.

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One thought on “WIP Wednesday: How I Felt

  1. Two Wednesdays in a row of getting WIP Wednesday up on Wednesday! Congrats! I love playing with different fabrics when I get a chance to. Haven’t had a chance to in awhile but I’ve gathered a stash of pretty corduroy (not the heavy and dark kind that I remember using as a kid but really pretty bright colors) and I’m slowly amassing a stash of linens (the Moda Linens at the moment). Looking forward to Friday’s podcast. I can’t be part of the stitch in as I’ll be out of town and it seems I’ve been busy for one thing or another during the other stitch ins. Hopefully I’ll be able to join the next one. I feel like I’m missing out. 🙂

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