HtbaS - Episode 270

3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 270

  1. Re: freezer explosion - I hope the husband brought flowers, a quilt gift certificate or SOMETHING.

    I had forgotten about your flasher! Yes, I went and looked at it on the tutorials page. Cool! If he gets too full, perhaps a charm bracelet. Thanks for the reminder. Perhaps you could show him again with all of your new charms?

    Re: EPP - I don’t like those patterns that have you lop stuff off. I have figured out various ways to add to the edge of quilt to keep whatever parts from having to be cut off. I did this with the YM’s eye spy quilt. I have plans to do it with a quilt that is cut but not made called Spin Wheel.

    Area under a curve??? Sigh. No wonder I got the teenage eyerolls.

    Somewhere you said you use your quilts and then you talked about taking your quilts to movie night. I am with you. There is always more fabric, right? I think that having every quilt be precious is crazy. I want my quilts to be loved, so post some pictures of your use of quilts at movie night.

    Re: denim - I wonder if that new denim fabric sold by Art Gallery is as thick as jeans? Thinking about whether that stuff would work for an intended picnic type quilt if the maker wanted something heavier.

    Love the Remedial Fishsticks name! Hilarious!

    We have a place here in the Bay Area called FabMo ( They get all the designer fabric, wallpaper and tile sample books in order to keep them out of the landfill. Their website has a lot of creative ideas for using that non-quilting fabric, which might be a good resource for your group.

    Cleaning out when you have time to yourself? I get it, but I hope you took some time for wine, quiltmaking and spa stuff. Maybe the fam will sleep over.

    Dresden Garden - give it to a friend to work on and you work on one of their less than favorite projects.

    Sorry I missed the Stitch-in AGAIN! Had to make an emergency run to my MIL’s.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Calculus - area under a curve - is what the computers do for us daily. Very useful in calculating areas in Mass Spectrometry to help us identify how much of each unknown sample we have. Calculus is not done by me daily, but I appreciate the hard working calculus done by the computers for me to be able to do my job. Without calculus, I would be cutting out pieces of paper and weighing them and then using algebra to determine how much of each substance we have. And, while I like scissors and scales as much as the next person, calculus helps me do my job much faster. 😉

  3. I finally listened to this episode today, catching up before I dive back into a bunch of audio books. I have made a picnic quilt backed with denim from upcycled jeans. It is heavy, but that’s what I like about it! It’s meant to shield us from mud and wet, not be fluffy and cozy. I did not quilt it per se, but used ties instead. It’s the only time I’ve done that, as I don’t really like that look. But for a picnic quilt, I was not willing to suffer the agony of quilting denim on my domestic machine and I sure as shootin’ wasn’t going to pay a longarmer to do it. It’s wearing well and I love it!

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