HtbaS - Episode 272

A bit of a short podcast this week since I was fighting a migraine, but wanted to answer some of the questions I’d been asked in the past two weeks in feedback! I also talk about paper piecing, pressing, and how I decide it’s time to buy fabric.


2 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 272

  1. You are very meta. I know someone else who put their Sew Together Bag in their Caddy. LOL! Very funny. I am sure you will fill it up eventually and you can post a picture then.

    Perhaps you could do Big Stitch quilting with your EPP project?

    Please bring your laptop to QuiltCon so I can Skype with you all. Of course, there is always a chance someone will pay me to go or I’ll win the lottery or something, but right now I’ll have to rely on Skype.

    Yeah, I have to reiterate that I don’t want to know how much fabric I have. Keeping track of how much I use is good, because it is preventing me from buying as much as I might if I weren’t keeping track. I agree with you that I don’t see the point in knowing how much I have.

    Good job on all the finishes! I finished a quilt this week as well. Look for a picture soon.

    I think you should buy fabric whenever you want. Your Deb Strain layer cake sounds really pretty and you don’t have to justify buying it. Yes, it is ok to buy fabric.

    My total used is about 58 yards, which I am happy with, but I am still not ahead in Net. I am not telling you how much I am behind.

    I think it makes sense based on your FIL not to embroider names on the books. If you make another one, you could consider that. I do like the idea of using selvedges.

    People have a year to write thank you notes after a wedding. Whether they will actually send them is another thing. I think it is a great quilt.

    Have a great week!

  2. Hi Pam!

    I’m quite new to quilting and even newer to your podcast, but I love both! I live over in Duluth, so it’s fun to listen to quilting adventures taking place close to home. Listening in to HTBAS and The Stitch help me feel like I have some sewing community as I stitch each evening. Thanks! 🙂

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