HtbaS - Episode 280

This week is short and sweet since I’m frantically putting finishing touches on websites, storefronts and pattern for the launch of The Stitch TV Show Pattern Shop on July 16th! And my kids are home today and kept interrupting me.  I talk a bit about Morelli’s dental surgery and subsequent goofy behavior on painkillers and the mini-front yard rave we had for my birthday this week.

Books from this week:

Here’s Morelli in action (we call this his “treadmill”):

Note: this is normal behavior for him. But he’s still kinda high. #kittymomo #catsofinstagram

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And after he settled down from rampaging a miniature city:


One thought on “HtbaS - Episode 280

  1. Glad Morelli is better. I had a cat on valium for a week and watching him try to get up on the coach was so funny, normally a good jumper he was pathetic. I like the thought of you having a mini rave for your birthday. Hope Saturday went well and that pattern sales are brisk!

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